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We Love Volunteers!

Educating your child is a very important job. Part of your child's education takes place at school, but education is much more than the time your child spends in the classrooms!

Do you want to be a part of our volunteer group and find out how you can help the children, the teachers, and yourself? Some examples of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Helping in the Media Center
  • Field trips with your child
  • Working in classrooms
  • Field Day
  • Book Fair 

How to Become a Volunteer

  1. Volunteers must register every year. No person will be allowed to volunteer without completing the registration form.
  2. Registration may be accomplished either of the following ways:
    • Complete the online registration form that is on the Wakulla County School District website Click Here to Fill Out a Volunteer Application or
    • A computer will be made available to you at your child’s school or district office to complete the online form and submit it.
  3.  Once the Registration Form is completed and submitted Raptor Technologies will check the applicant against the FDLE Sexual Predator/Offender Registry/National Criminal Database.
    • All school volunteers will be checked annually against the FDLE Sexual Predator/Offender Registry as well as the National Criminal Database to achieve Level I clearance prior to being placed in any volunteer position. Additional screening may occur if deemed necessary.
  4. The volunteer applicant will then receive an email from Raptor Technologies stating if they have been approved or not.  

  5. The school or organization volunteer coordinator will contact the volunteer to conduct a volunteer orientation and assign volunteer placement and/or responsibilities. 

  Volunteer Code of Ethics and Guidelines
For further information please contact
 Marcia Spivey .